Tip Dealiri: How to make a trendy purse in less than half an hour?

A Party, a wedding, a night out in the city or just a need to feel chic – clutch bags are the perfect answer to carry your: Cell Phones, keys, credit card and some lip gloss. So why spend a large amount of money on a purse when you can make your own personalised clutch bag?? Highly recommended!




Polypropylene (or your choice: Sol, leather, etc.)


Hot glue gun

Decorations of your choice –

We chose colored mirrors.

Tik tak (or Velcro)

Pencil / pen mark


Follow these steps in order to get The perfect clutch bag:

Step 1

Start with creating the example.

Draw with a pencil or pen size rectangle where you want the bag.

11.4 * 7.0 inches lying.

Tip: You can also take an one of your bag and mark the size.

Short ribs (7.0 inches) – original mapmakers triangle with the tip height 5.7 inches (half the width of the rectangle).

Ribs long (11.4 inches) – original mapmakers one triangle with the tip height 7.0 inches and the other at 3.5 inches.


Step 2

Cut the example you have created and fold the triangles inward.


Step 3

Heat up the hot glue gun a few minutes, apply a little glue on the inside of the short ends left triangles.

Then glued the triangles triangle-tipped 7.0 inches in length and create the envelope.


Step 4

Remained the closing of the envelope (the triangle-tipped length 3.5 inches.) It will terminate with a Tic Tac.

On a triangle of height 7.0 inches mark with a pencil or pen the place where you want the tick tock.

Apply hot glue and glued the male side of Tic Tac.

Paste the female side on the outside of the triangle bracket and inner side made ​​a hole with scissors,

So you can close the Tic Tac comfortably.


Step 5

Decorations – Now it is time to personalised and bring out the designer in you. Apply any decorations of your choice using the hot glue. Here we have chosen a girly boy tie or coloured mirrors.


There you go, your purse is ready to caught some looks…:)

tip: nothing is more chic than to match your purse to your shoes so here you have the opportunity to create a purse for each pair of shoes…without spending $$$$.