How to make a chic and original bracelet in less than 30 minutes?

Winter, summer, fall and spring, bracelets are always a chic addition to your look. So instead of buying a ready (and expensive!)one, you can easily create your own personalised bracelets that will fit any outfit of your choice. Based on the braid method, but a with a little twist 🙂 



1. Satin thread 0.07 inch (or any other fabric of your choice)

2. Beads of your choice (make sure when you buy the cord that the beads fits)

3. Pliers

4.Clasp & jump rings

5. Bead stoppers

6. scissors

7. a lighter




Step 1:

lengths of the bracelet-

Enwrap the thread around your hand twice and cut. According to this length cut two more threads, in total should you have three pieces of threads with the same lengths.

Step 2: 

Prepare the beads in your hand.

tip: remember that the clasp will add another 0.5 inches to the final result. 

Step 3:

Threaded the three threads together to the bead stopper and close them down using the pliers (you can do it with scissors as well).

tip: burn the tip of the threads so it will be easier to thread the beads later on…

Step 4:

the bracelet-

Thread a bead  through the thread on the left and take it in the middle – between the two other threads.

Move the right thread to the center and then the center to the left (like we do in a braid).

On the left thread that we have moved to the center, thread a bead and repeat this section from the beginning to the end of the bracelet.

tip: if you are alone and you have some trouble to hold the bracelet straight, just put some Sellotape on the top or an heavy object in order to obtain stability. 


Step 5:

Close down with the bead stopper the end of your (already amazing) bracelet, cut down the

remaining edges and burn the tip.

Step 6:

Add to the bead stoppers in the end of the bracelet 2 jump rings and to one of them attach a clasp

This is it your bracelet is ready to make some people jealous….and no way someone will have the same one 🙂

final end

If you have an additional technique to create a fun and chic bracelet, don’t hesitate to share your ideas