Quicky and Yummi: How to make cookies that will boost you ego with compliments…without so much effort!

I found this tip charming either for a dinner party, a romantic dessert or even an activity to do with children. Here is a very sweet “Quicky and Yummi” post:



1. Puff pastry dough ( you can use ‘Pepperidge Farm’ for example or home made if you are really motivated) please pay attention that there is a salty version, this is not what you need we are into SWEET.

2.Nutella or any other filling of your choice- jam, peanut butter, spread nuts, dates, speculoos cream or even Oreo cookies.

3. Sugar

4. One egg

5.Strawberries or bananas (we will illustrate with strawberry)

6. a fork


Steps 1:

You preheat the oven to 212 degree Fahrenheit. If it’s a programmed oven, choose the Turbo mode.

Step 2:

Defrost the puff pastry dough and cut equal squares, rectangles or any shape of your choice.


Step 3:

Apply a generous amount of Nuttela (or any other filling of your choice) in the middle of the paper dough. Leave a nice frame in order to stick the other part of the dough, it will prevent the cookies to fall apart. And finally apply the second part of the dough on it.

If you decide to go with strawberries or bananas i like to make it even more creative and cut them into different shapes and styles. Here i decided to go with ‘hearts’, you can use cookie cutters or Freestyle if you are talented. See in the picture that iv’e cut out the upper layer of the dough as well in order to fit to the fruit. If i go with bananas the best is to cut out circles (the fruit but the dough as well, creating round cookies), you can use the bottom of vodka shot glass to cut out the upper layer.


Step 4: 

Tighten the cookie edges using a fork and make it look like Ravioli. Mix the egg as an omelette prepared – only without the salt with a teaspoon of water and brush lightly each cookie.

Step 5:

Sprinkle a nice and uniform amount of sugar, it should stick to the egg layer nicely.


Step 6:

Put the cookies in the oven between 10-14 minutes until you get nicely golden cookie but not burned edges.