Hey everyone! my name is Liri and I’m a huge fan of DIY and craft creations

papIn the past few years I’ve found out that I didn’t need to buy things that I love – I can make them on my own, and on the way get some compliments 🙂

The only thing I didn’t like was the hassle of collecting the raw materials for each project I wanted to do! I realized from my Blog followers I’m not alone; all my crafty friends had the same problem.

One day I’ve decided to bring back love to the DIY community, and I manage to find special ways to get the row materials that I needed in the best price. SO, I started to make A DIY kit as a gift for my Friend’s birthdays and it started to be a really big hit (it really took off).

Today, I’m working around the clock with the best DIY & Craft bloggers to find you the best DIY & Craft Projects for our next boxes.

קערה משופר.jpg


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