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Dealiri Tip: How to sew a new collar to update an old shirt in 15 minutes?

If you have an old shirt or a shirt with a large collar, it’s time to do something about it. Easily stitch and create new collar shirt and give it a cool new… Continue reading

Quicky and Yummi: How to make cookies that will boost you ego with compliments…without so much effort!

I found this tip charming either for a dinner party, a romantic dessert or even an activity to do with children. Here is a very sweet “Quicky and Yummi” post: Ingredients: 1. Puff… Continue reading

Tip Dealiri: How to make a trendy purse in less than half an hour?

A Party, a wedding, a night out in the city or just a need to feel chic – clutch bags are the perfect answer to carry your: Cell Phones, keys, credit card and… Continue reading

DIY Vanity & Makeup Storage Set! DIY Makeup Brush Holder & 4 Glam Jars

Strawberries fields forever

Ingredients 1. Beautiful strawberries without leaves and stems 2. Yoghurt (or more corrupt alternatives: whipped cream or chocolate spread) 3. Sugar (or artificial sweetener) 4. Skewers halved 5. Decorations (optional) – Candy \… Continue reading

Lace lampDoiliy Lamp

For the full tutorial visit Dosfamily

A wall of paper hearts!

Show some love to your home! Make a wall of paper hearts and it will returns you love. For the full tutorial visit How about orange 

Bookmark heart

Enough with the donkey ears! A great way to make our books colourful And of course return to the same place we left off in the book 🙂 For the full tutorial visit the cheese thing

Do you have An old tire!?

Check out the step by step how to turn a an old tire with ottoman to a table! TIP: You can connect the old table legs and give height for your creation You can… Continue reading

create a baloon yarn

For the full tutorial visit HMH designs